Why I can’t wait to get back to the office

‘Work will never be the same again.’ But what about those of us aching for a return to life in the before times. With all this talk of workspaces changing and the need for offices becoming somewhat obsolete, I worry that those of us desperate to work anywhere but home are being overlooked.  Throughout the […]

Lockdown literature – why a good book is the greatest form of escapism

This is what I’ve been searching for. A book I didn’t want to put down and so, ended up finishing within 72 hours. A book that felt so relatable that for a brief moment, I forgot how challenging (read: shitshow) this year has been. A book I stayed up until midnight reading in bed until […]

Instagram reels TikTok users in with new feature

I recently downloaded TikTok and within minutes I realised that as a 32-year-old, I clearly was not the app’s intended audience. It felt chaotic, and not entirely dissimilar to the horror one experiences when entering a TK Maxx and tries to locate a particular clothing item in their size. 😬 There’s no order or structure […]

Why we need to rethink the term microaggression

21st September 2015 — Freshers’ week. I had just enrolled for my Masters at Goldsmiths and as someone who hadn’t taken full advantage of the university experience the first time round, I had vowed to fully immerse myself in the experience. Overwhelmed by the choice of societies I could join, I felt a sigh of relief when […]


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