Category is… Rona Eleganza

Whilst many of us have been lucky enough to be offered the opportunity to work from home during this pandemic, you may also find yourself not quite knowing what to wear.

There have been some days where I’ve struggled to convince myself to get out of my PJs, only to be faced with sudden panic when I realise the 2.30pm meeting on Zoom requires everyone to have their cameras switched on. 

And whilst I have seen some of my colleagues donning their fluffy bathrobes during these video calls, I have begun to wonder whether companies have implemented an official policy in regards to WFH attire? 

Despite the uncertainty of both what’s happening in the world right now and what I can get away with wearing, I find myself getting up every day and going through my normal morning routine of putting on ‘work clothes’. But is this really a time where we should be worrying about looking presentable? 

I will admit that my definition of ‘work clothes’ is becoming more and more interpretive, and I fear that my internal dialogue of ‘can I wear those velvet red leggings for work? Sure, why not? It’s not like they’re going to see what I’m wearing on my bottom half’ may quickly descend to ‘do I even need to wear anything on my bottom half?’ 

Though perhaps there is comfort in routine. Getting dressed every day may add a sense of normalcy to this otherwise increasingly abnormal, if not distressing, situation. And if wearing those red sparkly hotpants does wonders for your mental health, then you should absolutely dig them out of your cupboard. For the record, this is precisely what I ask my boyfriend to wear everyday. 

Is this a time where we should be worrying about looking ‘professional’? The choice should be yours surely. We are living in an extremely unusual time in which your choice of outfit probably shouldn’t matter so I sincerely hope that employers are showing a degree of compassion and understanding by offering their staff the choice of wearing whatever the hell they like. 

Some of us may already be anxiety-stricken about what’s currently going on in the world so it would be nice not to also have to worry about whether we’ve adequately brushed our hair for that 9am conference call. Better yet, why not offer the choice as to whether employees need to have their cameras on at all? No one needs to see those toothpaste stains on my chin.

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