Make art

I feel like we live in a world where everyone is constantly screaming to be heard… where we vocalise every thought, feeling and opinionand in a world with so much noise I find myself becoming more quiet

I crave silence

and stillness 

I don’t wish to speak just to be heard 

I don’t want to share my innermost thoughts only to have them lost in an abyss

So I lock myself away and shut out the world. I seek distractions. And every so often, in the silence, I find music. My music. My peace. Whether it be through watching or listening or having some sort of ethereal experience in which I can appreciate something that has been created. Something that inspires me to create. I reach a point of complete tranquility in which I feel bliss and elation seeping from every pore. I feel okay. I feel that everything is going to be okay. In that moment I feel as though the world isn’t all that bad. And that maybe people are inherently good. In that moment I realise that art, real art exists. Not the mindless shouting or the noise or the hate. There is beauty in art. There is love in art. And as corny as this sounds, perhaps it is art that will save us.

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