‘A million ways to die in the west’ – a review 

Last night I watched ‘A million ways to die in the west’, you’re probably thinking ‘God! Why??’. I was packing and decided it would make for acceptable background noise. As a Seth Macfarlane fan I was left rather underwhelmed (just as I had expected due to reviews during the film’s release). Although peppered with occasional entertaining joke, the majority were obvious and silly for the sake of being silly. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy silly humour (among my favourites are Team America and Pineapple Express) but there needs to be some form of intelligence behind the humour, otherwise what you’re left with are ‘outrageous’ comments or obscenities purely made for shock value and if I’m honest, that can sometimes be rather insulting to the audience.

I suppose I was expecting more from a film with such an impressive cast but in hindsight if one dissects the characters it appears even the choice of actors were chosen purely as a ploy to once again ‘shock’ or astound the viewer as they may be left believing ‘how on earth did Seth Macfarlane get Liam Neeson or Charlize Theron to agree to this’ and that in itself is a testament to Macfarlane’s character, or perhaps more accurately, his ego. However, I don’t buy it. I don’t buy Macfarlane as just another arrogant producer with money to burn. I’ve seen him in interviews and I believe what lies beneath his bravado, is a geek, which is probably part of the reason why I admire him, I feel a sense of comradry. I think Seth is actually still the insecure 14 year old boy lacking in friends hoping to be accepted, and more importantly, liked. This movie represented a boy torn between the fulfilment of a life long dream and the rather superficial execution of it. It was almost an ‘f*** you’ to all the individuals in his past who doubted, berated and generally humiliated him. 
2.5/5 stars 

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