This one’s not quite finished…

I’m not great with labels…in fact they make me wildly uncomfortable…and no this isn’t me being the ‘cool girl’ or the ‘laid back girl’ saying “I don’t like labels” or “lets not put a label on it” because a) I don’t believe in labels such as ‘cool girl’ and b) please refer to point a.
I’m not quite sure when I realised I found the notion of labels ridiculous…perhaps it was during my douchey rebellious social awakening phase that almost all teenagers go through (mine happened whilst studying sociology at the age of 17 –  (*oozing arrogance* “yeah I like totally understand how the world works now and umm I like know EVERYTHING” – god don’t you just want to slap them during this phase?)
Or perhaps it was an unexpected consequence of age and cynicism. Either way, I find certain labels sounding foreign when I utter them. I’m not sure they sound authentic and I question if I’m saying them in the right tone or using them in the correct context. Ultimately, they sound dishonest, and if there’s one thing I’m annoyingly pedantic about (you know, other than all my other little endearing pedantic quirks*), it’s honesty. So I can’t, in good nature, subscribe to a phrase I’m not sure I believe in. And the reason for my uncertainty you ask… meaning. Definition. More specifically, society’s definition. “But isn’t it about what the word means to you” I’ve been asked. Ah yes it should be, but the problem with that is that I’d be swimming against the current. It’d be like telling everyone that you thought the sky was green and that the grass was blue because those were your personal definitions or interpretations of the words. It’d be knowing that when you spoke of grass you were thinking of it as blue whilst everyone else would be thinking of it as green. The problem is definitions. Culturally agreed-upon or assigned definitions.

* these include my obsession with continuity, efficiency, consistency, logic, competency and effective time management – god I sound like a barrel of laughs eh*

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