Have my viewing tastes changed?

When E4 advertised a new show last year entitled ‘The Tomorrow People’ I thought I’d perhaps give it a go (despite a somewhat uninspiring trailer). However, after watching the pilot and attempting to watch the second episode, I realised it was a piece of over-dramatised, poorly scripted, terribly written, dreadfully acted crap (unfortunately not uncommon of many US shows/sitcoms). Although the sci-fi premise of the show had originally enticed me (that’s right…I’m one of those), I quickly realised this show was meant to appeal to a ‘young adult’ audience; the tweens and pre-teens, otherwise known as the Twilight twats…sorry “fans”.

As you can probably tell I don’t hold much admiration for things geared toward the ‘young adult’ audience…and yet, last year a friend of mine convinced me to read The Hunger Games trilogy. Although I regarded the films with the same level of esteem I awarded other ‘tween’ movies, despite not having seen them but having absolutely no desire to, I succumbed to my literary curiosity and read the books. I thought they were brilliant. The storyline was exhilarating, the characters engaging and the premise, although horrific and rather terrifying, was actually rather believable. Thus I dispelled my animosity toward ‘young adult’ books and went on to read ‘The Lovely Bones’.

Subsequently, when E4 once again announced the arrival of a new US young adult series; The 100, I decided I would give it a go. The pilot, once more, promised a cast of glamorous yet terrible teen actors, awful writing and a questionable premise. Its one saving grace was its soundtrack choice; Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. However, despite its flaws, I have found myself watching it. The dystopian storyline, intriguing sub plots and general sense of peril have sparked my interest. Therefore, unlike ‘The Tomorrow People’ and countless other US tv series; ‘Two Broke Girls’ , ‘The Mindy Project’, ‘Dads’ and ‘Moms’ (with the offensive American spelling no less), I find myself not unable to endure the show. So as embarrassing as this is to admit, I, Nancy Elgadi, am a fan of ‘The 100’.

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