Everywhere and nowhere all at once

The voice inside my head is loud today. And strong. And unfaltering. Brimming with confidence. And happiness? Happiness. It won’t last. It never does. There’s too much noise. But for a moment there’s calm. And quiet. The quiet is important. There’s only me and my thoughts. My thoughts and I. Perhaps there’s a song. Or a book. Or the sun. The sun is important. The blue sky is important. The fluffy white clouds are important. Watching them move across the sky; lost in a moment. I can’t quite place the moment but it’s familiar. I’ve seen it before. I recognise it. I never was good with names but I remember it’s face. Perhaps the moment is a life line. A reflection. A déjà vu. You’ve been here before. This is who you are. This is not who you are. This where you are. Is this where you want to be? In that moment you are lost, but never before have you seen more clearly or been more aware of exactly where you are.

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