My movie marathon weekend…



So despite my protests (I don’t usually believe in being ill), I was struck down in the ‘pribe of my libe’ (Friends reference) last weekend as I suffered from a sore throat, a loss of voice and the general aches and pains associated with feeling poorly and coming down with something. Annoyingly, I’d actually intended to do stuff that weekend. Granted I didn’t actually know what said ‘stuff’ would be but I was determined not to have two unproductive weekends in a row. Alas, my immune system clearly had other plans and instead I was bed ridden for most of my weekend *insert exasperated sigh here*.

Luckily, as I had quite a few movies saved on the Sky Plus Planner I thought I’d turn a negative into a positive, lemons into lemonade and umm water into wine (?) by indulging in a movie marathon. I even had popcorn at the ready.

Consequently here are a few short film reviews:

1. ‘American Pyscho’: As this was a described as a classic I was expecting big things. Good things. Exciting things.

I was utterly disappointed. Honestly, it made absolutely no sense! I’m not quite sure if it was trying to be an artsy psychological thriller or simply a gory slasher movie. I don’t think it could decide so it tried to be a bit of both. What it ended up being however was self indulgent nonsense with no clear narrative or sequence of events and the only discernible theme (because they really pressed upon it) was a shallow young man (with obsessive compulsive tendencies)’s descent toward homicidal madness.

2. ‘Kick Ass 2’: As a massive enthusiast of the first ‘Kick Ass’ I was pleasantly surprised this sequel didn’t follow the trend of most second chapters in movie franchises of being utterly dreadful. It was, quite simply, kick ass! Animated, funny, quirky, geeky and with a solid storyline throughout. Alright perhaps there were a couple of moments/characters that were slightly lacking and even a ‘Mean Girls’ subplot, but overall, I’d give it a 4 out of 5. The only criticism I have is of the slightly awkward relationship between ‘Hit Girl’ and ‘Kick Ass’. Throughout the film it’s unclear whether it’s a brother/sister relationship or whether the pair are attracted to one another.

3. ‘The Heat’: Although I didn’t have particularly high expectations I actually found this surprisingly funny. In some cases (Bridesmaids) I tend to find Melissa McCarthy’s character a bit silly and over the top. I suppose that may be her niche but sometimes it verges on slapstick and thus appears to be somewhat forced. However, alongside Sandra Bullock’s character, I feel the juxtaposition works. Also, although a comedy, the film has the added bonus of guns, crime and action (which very much appeal to my usual film tastes).

4: ‘The Wedding Date’: As stated in previous posts I’m not particularly partial to rom-coms but there was honestly nothing else on on a Sunday afternoon so I gave in and watched whatever Channel 5 had to offer. Despite having been a massive ‘Will & Grace’ fan, Deborah Messing (Grace) was actually probably my least favourite character of the show, so I wasn’t particularly thrilled to find out she was the female lead in this film. Nonetheless, she played her part well. However, what I took issue with was the story line. Romantic comedies tend to have unrealistic story lines but this one was particularly far-fetched. Deborah Messing’s character hired a male escort to attend a wedding with her to make her ex-boyfriend jealous and surprise surprise they end up falling in love (over a period of a few days naturally). The only original part of the story was a misdirection (spoiler alert) in which the audience assume her ex is still pining for her, when in fact he’s pining over her sister (the bride) whom he’d had an affair with. My colleague has also just informed me that this movie is somewhat a rip-off of Picture Perfect (starring Jennifer Anniston) which I actually totally agree with! Plus, Picture Perfect is one of the few rom-coms I can actually stomach.

So there you have it. My movie marathon reviews. Feel free to comment, agree, disagree or just generally tell me I’m talking absolute shite. I usually do. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!

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