It’s not my fault…

Do we live in a blame culture?

Is someone else always to blame for our short comings? The way our lives have turned out? The paths we took?
NO! Absolutely not, in my opinion. I cannot begin to describe the issue I take with those who constantly feel sorry for themselves and those who blame others for their own choices. Sure we’re not all awarded with same opportunities. Sure some of are awarded more luxury and comfort than others due to our upbringing, but YOU and ONLY YOU are responsible for how you let that impact you. Do not make excuses for the opportunities you missed or the decisions you took. They were the consequences of YOUR actions. YOUR choices. We all face hardship at one point or another in our lives, some a lot more than others, but how you choose to deal with those situations is what determines your future.
A situation only has much power over you as you give it.
I have said this time and time again. Sure things may seem bleak at times and perhaps you feel trapped, despondent and utterly hopeless. But that’s on YOU. That is how YOU’RE choosing to deal with it. I should know, I went through something and chose to shut everyone out and feel sorry for myself. You know what that accomplished? Nothing. Zil. Nada. You know what I should have done? Used the time productively to better myself; to gain skills; to improve my standard of life.
Instead I sat there worrying. And how did I deal with my worries? Escapism. Escaping reality by drowning myself in US TV shows that I watched on my laptop. I wouldn’t leave my room for days on end because I didn’t want to talk to anyone. And the most selfish thing about that was that what I was going through wasn’t even happening to me! It was happening to a loved one and yet I had the audacity to feel angry about it. To feel sorry for myself. But you live and you lean and I have learned there is no validation in blame. There is no dignity in blame. And there is certainly no bravery in blame. It is the cowards way out. It numbs the pain because it’s not your fault. It’s a form of delusion.

There are 2 things in this world that will stop you accomplishing your goals.
Worry and blame.
In actuality, there is really only one thing that will stop you achieving what it is that you want; YOU. No one else, just YOU.

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