Short (stack) and sweet…


I have decided that pancake day to pancakes is to what valentine’s day is to humans…and I object.

I object to the notion that on pancake day or ‘shrove tuesday’ we must all have pancakes. I love pancakes, in fact so much so that it has always somewhat bothered me that they are largely only associated with breakfast. Pancakes are a delicacy that should be enjoyed at any time in my opinion. It is ridiculous that there should be a day dedicated to express pancake love (just in the same way that I find it ridiculous couples are assigned a day to proclaim their love to one another).

So I urge you all today to join me in my protest against these holidays geared to pressure us to succumb to the norms of pre-designated holidays. Let all us non-conformists unite and replace our pancakes with eggs or bacon or a burger…hell even a sirloin steak. I’m all for the consumption of pancakes. I’m a fan. A connoisseur even. If I could I’d have them at every meal I would. But this rule that we should eat them on a particular day, well it’s just ludicrous in my opinion…and also…a little bit bakist (yes I did just say that). So let us all take a stand in solidarity against pancake day and refuse to fry, flip and maple. The only thing I shall be flipping in fact is the “holiday” itself.

Pancake day…I denounce you.

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