Who do you relate to? Who do you, as a person, as a human, relate to the most? You empathise with your fellow man, or woman, but you FEEL with those who you associate with. Those who you define yourselves with, those you resemble, those from your culture, your world, your land of origin. Those you see yourself in. I don’t mean the country you inhabit, or the country your parents inhabited. I mean the land you feel, in your skin, in your heart, in your soul. The country that if they were to strip you down they would find at your very core. Perhaps it’s not a country, perhaps it’s a collection of countries, or a region or simply a way of life you identify with. Perhaps it’s not even a tangible place or a physical location. Perhaps it’s a feeling. A memory. Of a life you once had or a life you could have had or a life you’re currently living in another world.

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