It’s been a while…

What if i were to tell you I know what it feels like to wake up every day and look in the mirror and see something you hate. You would try to hide that thing or change it or disguise it. But you couldn’t…not on your own anyway. No matter how much you tried.
I sometimes forget how sad that is. How troubling in fact that a person can hate themselves or a part of themselves that much. And you may not even realise why it is that you hate that part, all you know is that it’s different and different is bad. Different is wrong. Because you’re told different is bad and wrong. So you try to change it, every day it’s a battle in trying to change that part. Everyday you tear a little bit away at yourself and you don’t realise the damage you’re doing because all you can see, all you care about, all you’re consumed by is being like everybody else. Just being normal. What a nonsensical term. No one knows what it means because there’s no such thing and yet we all strive for it…normalcy…our own personal definition…correction society’s own personal definition.
What if I were to tell you it’s not about how anybody sees you but about how you see yourself. But I can’t tell you that, because that’s not true. What I can tell you though is fuck em. That’s right fuck em. Because as long as you’re not hurting anyone then you’re beautiful. As long as you’re happy then you’re beautiful. As long as you love yourself then you’re beautiful. So all I can leave you with is fuck em. Love yourself. Love others who deserve your love. Hell love the ones who don’t but don’t you dare try to change for them. If you want to change you do it for you. You do it so you can love yourself, not for anybody else. Hopefully, one day society will stop concerning itself with the wrong things, the superficial things, the materialistic things, the destructive things and we’ll be left with love. Just love.

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