Pay no mind

Something occurred to me this morning.

A few years ago I wrote a blog post about the deterioration of society, the degeneration of modern life and the general absurdity of popular culture. Last night a good friend of mine asked me why I hadn’t written anything on here in a while and I told her I was fed up with current society. I was fed up with the decline of what was being broadcast on television and what was being reported as ‘news’. I was fed up with people ‘oohing’ and ‘ahhing’ at celebrities as the newest scandal erupted. Actually, I was just fed up with people. 

Why was so much time being spent talking about people and things of no significance while the more important issues, about life, about the progression of humanity, about wrongdoings all over the world, were being ignored. A few weeks ago I was watching an episode of ‘X-Factor’..a talent competition? For argument’s sake, let’s call it that. I distinctly remember listening to the boos and cheers of the audience and wondering if Simon Cowell was sat somewhere watching thinking “dance my puppets,dance!”.

The problem is not only that these people pander to these shows/scandals/lifestyles but that they spend an enormous amount of time discussing them. I die a little inside every morning while my colleagues discuss the previous night’s episode of Eastenders or I’m A Celebrity’ and I suppose the hypocrisy lies in the fact that I have watched a few episodes of ‘X-Factor’ in the sheer hope that maybe, just maybe someone with genuine creative talent could receive the recognition they deserve. 

But as I said, I realised something this morning. My disillusionment with current society is counter-productive! Rather than complaining about the fact that the majority of people my age participate in social activities (i.e. clubbing) that are of no interest to me, I should instead seek out the activities that do! I have in fact been actively doing this for the last year or so. The problem is that whilst I largely enjoy my own company (perhaps a little bit too much), I have an incredibly small selection of friends who I think would enjoy diverse types of events and it’d be nice to share these alternative activities with someone. 

I attended a brilliant event last night hosted by a group called The Body Narratives in which a very talented poet featured (Indigo Williams) and a powerful and thought provoking documentary was screened (Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975), both of which I thoroughly recommend you check out. I left the event feeling inspired, but not only that I felt validated, reassured in fact, that there are people out there who encourage, host and attend alternative events! Events that promote knowledge, events that encourage discussion, events which seek to educate, and more than anything, I found that unbelievably refreshing!

You often hear the expression ‘pay no mind to…’ and until today I hadn’t really thought about that phrase. If I indulge in participating in things which frustrate me (i.e. celebrity gossip) then I am metaphorically paying for it with my mind (physical evidence of this may be an actual reduction of brain cells). 

So whilst in the past I have used my blog to rant about topics that infuriate me, such as why a particular ‘story I shall now endeavour to use this online medium that is social to relay my experiences of and perhaps even promote diverse events/shows (as well as of course still writing about my random trails of thought and theories). Because if you think about, a new experience, a different experience, has the potential to introduce you to new things and people, and that is something I have always found great enjoyment and satisfaction in.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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