Lost & Found?

Sometimes you just want to be…to switch off. Occasionally you get momentary glimpses of what this feels like. It’s when you suddenly drift off…I don’t really know where you go. You’ll suddenly become very aware of the song you’re listening to or the book you are reading or the task you’re performing and you’ll lose your surroundings. You may be on a packed train at rush hour, as I just experienced, and all of a sudden it’ll feel like you’re completely alone. It’s just you and the song or the book or the task…it’s just you and your thoughts. I can’t quite describe it but it feels wonderful…scary but wonderful. It’s like suddenly everything makes sense or it doesn’t have to… I’m not quite sure I’m making sense. It’s like you lose yourself and find yourself at the same time. Has anyone else ever experienced this?

2 replies on “Lost & Found?”

I’ve definitely experienced zoning out of my surroundings and being absorbed, especially by some powerful music, poetry or a film. And also becoming completely submerged by my surroundings and losing myself in them.

But then you snap back and reality hits you harder, like a the blistering wind when you walk round the corner of a building that was sheltering you from it.

but do you not feel all the better for having experienced that trance-like state before you are snapped back to reality…I have a theory that in actuality those moments are glimpses into an ‘alternate’ reality based on the journey you take in that moment…but that’s a topic for another day as parallel universes is a subject I have many theories on lol

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