Woolwich, London 22/05/2013- A horrific act

I haven’t said anything yet in regards to what happened in Woolwich on Wednesday…not because I don’t care or don’t wish to get involved but more because I was in a state of shock. I was speechless. As the news reports came in I found myself feeling physically ill at what I was hearing and seeing and I felt so disgusted that I simply couldn’t watch anymore of it. I now wish to say this though. Can we…and by we, I mean we as a society of moral human beings, recognise what happened as a sickening act committed by a disturbed and deluded individual. I’m not saying he was disturbed due to his race or his religion, I’m saying he was disturbed simply due to his nature as an individual. He would have to be in order to commit such an act. Can we take religion and race out of it please and simply recognize that he felt because “his” countries were at war he should bring the same level of violence to the streets of London- this type of reasoning could only be concluded by someone who as I said is clearly very disturbed. The thing is, sickening acts happen EVERY day. What happened in Boston was sickening, what happened to the 3 women in Cleveland was also sickening, what happened in Oxford by the sex grooming ring was also disgustingly sickening. What happened to the man in Woolwich was horrific, no human being should ever face that and so I would like to wish his family my condolences and support and hope they somehow manage to get through this extremely difficult time.

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