live and love but don’t regret…

what did I actually learn?we always say we learn from our mistakes but perhaps in that case it wasn’t really a mistake but more a learning experience? But what do u actually learn when someone wrongs you? Do you learn not to trust so whole heatedly? To put up a wall and become more cynical? Isn’t that rather sad? I don’t think I want to learn that lesson. I think I’d rather be my friendly,bubbly self that believes that people are basically good. I’d still rather jump in feet first when I meet someone who excites me! I want to spend time with them and enjoy their company,I want to laugh with them and cry with them and play with them and learn with them. I want to be that person that they can always talk to no matter what. But the problem is that perhaps as a society we’ve become more hardened to letting people in. Maybe we feel we can handle it all on our own. Maybe we don’t like feeling like we need someone.

I’ve recently realised that it is actually incredibly rare to find someone that you can relate to on almost every level. Someone you never want to stop talking to. Someone who knows what you’re going to say before you say it. Someone who understands what a particular look might mean because they know your face that well! they know your sad face and your happy face,your confused face and hell even your drunk face which they find hilarious! I’m not saying I believe in ‘the one’, but perhaps I believe in ‘the few’.
Perhaps in our lifetime we come across people we are 70/80% compatible with and for the majority of people that’s good enough. But what if you could meet someone you were 90% compatible with?Wouldn’t it make sense that if you met someone like that you’d embrace it with everything you’ve got?

I feel like we’re always being told to be cautious and not to wear our hearts on our sleeves but perhaps it’s exactly that which makes the whole process all the more exhilarating? You know that butterflies feeling you get in your stomach when you first meet that person,the awkward nervous moments you get where you end up making a corny joke and then end up kicking yourself later on when you’re on your way home for saying it,the first ‘did he/she just touch my arm’,these are all things you don’t forget because at that moment in time you think ‘this person is amazing!’ And sure sometimes even when u meet that person who it seems knows you better than u know yourself,it may not work out but do u really want to tarnish all the good memories by labelling it a mistake?

So here’s what I say, if you’re lucky enough to meet someone who makes you happier than Lindsay Lohan in a meth lab then let them know it! I’m not saying say it within 5mins of meeting em cos that might be a bit Annie Wilkes in Misery (Stephen King) but somewhere along the line let em know! But more importantly,let yourself know! Admit to yourself that this person makes you giddy and then allow yourself to just go with it!

I think we’re all so afraid of having our hearts broken (which believe me sucks balls) that we forget everything we felt before that and thus aren’t willing to experience it again but then what if u miss out on meeting someone who you’re 100% compatible with because of it!

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