When life gives you lemons…

Do you ever wonder if life is a lot more simple than we make it out to be? A couple of weeks ago I had a dream in which someone gave me a guitar. I was thrilled because I’d always wanted one and have always wanted to learn how to play. In my dream both my brother and sister could play fluently and yet when I asked them to help me to learn, they refused. They pointed out that they had to learn on their own and if I tried hard enough, so would I. I woke up with a new perspective, yes I realise how cheesy and cliché that sounds but it’s actually true. I’ve been in a very dark place for a long time due to a particular journey my family have been going through but what I’ve recently realised is that I was looking at the experience I’ve been going through in the wrong way. You see, at the beginning of all this my sister said “there is no right or wrong way to deal with this” and to be honest, I think I sort of used that as an excuse to warrant my miserable attitude. I was bitter at having been put in this situation. What I should have realised though is that I was presented with an opportunity. Because I think that’s what happens every day. Life presents you with opportunities. The problem is that if you don’t have a positive perspective, you probably won’t see them. You’ll just sit there and moan, and make excuses and just generally feel sorry for yourself. Nothing good comes of this. So here’s what I say…take the opportunity! Stop putting things off until tomorrow…stop waiting for your life to begin because you’ve actually had the ability to start it at any time! I realise I sound corny and somewhat like a Nike campaign but I’ve come to the conclusion that YOU are responsible for making things happen in your life. Not to sound too spiritual but I kind of think that’s what my dream was signifying; I had to take the initiative to try to learn how to play the guitar by myself.

The following morning (after the dream) my brother asked me what I’d like for Christmas and I told him about the dream. I then said I’d like guitar lessons. He smiled and said he thought that’s a really good idea. A few days later my sister asked what I’d like for Christmas and I said a day at a spa with her and our mother. I said “I don’t want things, I want experiences” and that’s probably the wisest thing I’ve said in a long time. It only took 25 years folks! Lol

For a while now, along my travels on public transport, there have been places in London I’ve passed and have thought to myself ‘oh I’d love to visit that place’ but I never got round to doing it for two reasons; firstly, I thought I’d like to visit these places with someone and secondly, well, laziness most likely. The other day I went somewhere in London that I haven’t been to for years and simply walked around and took in the sights. I loved it! What I realised is that I don’t need anyone else to enjoy certain experiences because they can simply be, MY experiences. Don’t get me wrong, it’d be lovely to have someone to share them with but it’s not a necessity. That probably makes me sound like a billy-no-mates lol but what I’m saying is that sometimes it’s hard to get people to share your experiences because they have their own commitments and excuses and laziness or they may simply not enjoy doing the same things you do. If however you meet a free spirit who is always up for enjoying themselves and likes to try new things and is positive and motivated, hold on to them for dear life because from what I’ve learnt, they’re a rarity!

So here are a list of things I have said I’ve wanted to do for years and have simply not got round to doing them;

Learning to play the guitar

Improving my Spanish

Travelling more

Going to art exhibitions


I’ve decided I’m going to start doing these things rather than just saying I’d like to do them.

Perhaps it’s process. I said to a friend that I’d come to realise something and he asked if I’d realised it or just noticed it; at the time I didn’t understand the difference but the difference is actually doing something about it. Noticing you are unhappy about something is meaningless, coming to the realisation that there is an opportunity to change your situation is what will make all the difference.


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