It’s a tricky one

Here’s the thing…men…are primitive; and whilst this is shown in juvenile displays of testosterone fuelled incidents, it is also shown in their ability to say exactly what’s on their mind. Women on the other hand are a bit more tricky; they want you to know what they want without them actually saying it but alas men have not quite evolved enough to develop ‘intuition’ or in fact really sense emotion unless it is made painstakingly clear. The result? Women expecting too much from men. They are simple beings you see, which is not necessarily a bad thing in my opinion but not everyone shares that view, in fact very few do. Women want it to be how it is in the movies. Movies sell their idea of romance and for the majority, in my opinion, they are unrealistic ideas. Create your own romance. I’m not saying I know what romance is, I just know it’s not playing games and hinting at things and being childish. Romance and in fact mature relationships are telling the other person exactly how you feel and what you want and being able to deal with the consequences of those discussions. Let’s take cheating for instance; wouldn’t it just be so much easier if your partner told you they saw someone they’d like to screw? Well no of course not because feelings would get hurt right? WRONG! I know I think completely out of the box on this one but what if it’s not feelings being hurt at all, what if it’s pride, what if it’s a sense of ownership? But surely that’s ridiculous isn’t it? You can’t own anyone no more than you can control what they’ll do and relationships and in fact marriage should not be based on this principle. Right enough about that as I’m a little bit ‘too’ open-minded on the subject I’m told. What nonsense eh? How can someone be too open-minded.

Back to the women expecting too much of men, I mentioned before how for the most part, men tend to say exactly what’s on their mind. Unfortunately though I feel they are doing this less and less these days, perhaps in an effort to be more sensitive such as in instances when a woman may ask “do I look fat in this?” Men…stop this at once! Go back to being direct and honest and if your significant other can’t handle it, well then maybe they need to grow up! I apologise, now I seem incredibly insensitive. I just can’t stand things being sugar coated! Another reason men may be doing this is an effort to appear mysterious, shy, aloof. I’ll admit, these qualities can appear rather attractive at times but they are also incredibly frustrating. It’s hard enough having to ‘read’ women, I don’t want to have to guess what men mean as well. However, in some cases the particular man is just genuinely quiet, I personally find such individuals rather boring and more trouble than they’re worth. No one wants to have to pull the conversation out of someone, it’s uncomfortable. Nonetheless, in the cases when you have actually just stumbled upon a man who’s not very vocal, women may tend to over think what this means. Women…stop this at once. Perhaps it’s in women’s nature to over think things. Perhaps it’s because we’re supposedly more emotional, sentimental and all that crap or perhaps just all other human beings do, we suffer from moments of retardation. These moments cause us to think illogically and do stupid things, whether it be sending a drunken text or it be accusing that person of something all because you ‘read too deeply’ into something that wasn’t there.

Right, that’s enough men and women bashing for one day. I may have appeared to be incredibly cynical in this post, I apologise if any offence was caused. Perhaps I’m just being honest or direct or whatever you want to call it. I’d personally appreciate it if people were like this all the time. I’ll give you a quick example actually. The other day I woke up somewhat hungover, I walked to the bus stop outside my flat and I noticed a man staring at me. Not a quick glance, no no, actually staring at me. So as I found this quite disturbing I moved away from said man, at which point he moved closer. Eventually he came up to me and even though I clearly had a ‘please don’t talk to me’ look on my face and my headphones were in my ear, he asked me which bus he could get to Waterloo. I answered his question and put my headphones back in. He then attempted to start a conversation again by introducing himself and sticking out his hand for a handshake. I just stared at it blankly and when he inquired as to why I wouldn’t shake it, I told him I didn’t touch strangers at which point he walked away. I immediately felt quite shocked at how blunt I had been as I’m usually incredibly friendly and polite. I could argue that the remnants of alcohol still in my system had caused this ‘honest’ behaviour, I could also argue that as I felt he was quite perverted and looked quite un-kept my response was justified. The matter of the fact is, I was honest. I didn’t want to converse with him and I made that very clear. I rarely do this as I tend to feel ‘bad’ but perhaps we should all start doing this a bit more. I’m not saying be rude, but just be honest. Forget about whether you may hurt someone’s feelings, we’re adults, we should be able to handle it. 

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