This thing called life…you realise we only get to do it once right?

Right here goes…I think there are two types of people in this world. Those who need to know who they are and those that don’t. Now you may think that I’d say it’s necessary to know who you know in order to be happy, but that’s not true at all, what is necessary however is to love yourself regardless. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with not knowing who you are because discovering who you are, is what life is all about! In fact I’ve found that those who are completely convinced in knowing exactly who they are, are a little bit uptight…and closed minded. I mean if you’re not even willing to accept the possibility of learning something new and different about yourself, how on earth can you open up your mind to different opinions and theories and perspectives.

I’ll tell you why I suddenly started thinking about this. It’s because I realised that the latter group, those who don’t know who they are or who aren’t afraid to find out, tend to be more relaxed. I think perhaps I fall into that category. Now you could argue it’s because I’m young but I hardly think 24 is that young and I think no matter what age I am, I’ll always be like this. I’m very chilled out, incredibly so in fact, to the point that there’s very little that phases me or stresses me out. In fact I’ve reached a point where I find it surprising when people do let themselves get annoyed by trivial matters. I dunno, maybe I’m just much more of a go with the flow, up for a laugh kinda person. It genuinely upsets me though when I see people getting stressed out, I almost wish I could calm them down somehow. I wish I could tell them, you don’t need to react like that. But I suppose everybody handles things differently and for everything else there’s alcohol..and weed?

What I’m really trying to say is that I’ve realised I can’t be around closed minded people. I can’t be around those that are judgemental and just generally angry. What’s weird is that you don’t even know what it is they are genuinely angry about, yes there’s a lot of injustice in the world but how will your negative attitude help? One of my closest friends says I’m one of the happiest people she knows, she says I’m always smiling and positive. I just don’t think I could be any other way and I wish more people realised that it’s not that hard to be happy and chilled and bubbly and excited and..oh I dunno I’ll shut up now. I just want to meet more like-minded people who love to enjoy themselves!

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