I sometimes forget to put things into perspective

Writing helps me to remember…

I remember all those days in the hospital

I remember the sight of an open wound and being told an organ is no longer functioning normally

I remember the fear and also the determination I felt to help him

I had was my coping mechanism. I had a job to do. It was almost as if I were a child again playing a role..and my role was of his nurse.

I also remember an overwhelming feeling of love and gratitude, its the feeling of looking down at this person who has protected you throughout your life, this person who has always provided for you

To see them weak and frail is something you could never quite imagine and so you do whatever you can to protect them.

I remember the tears of frustration, of being put in a situation I did not understand, a situation I did not want

I remember his tears, it was the first time I had seen him cry since his brother passed away.

I remember the look of fear in his eyes as they took him away to have surgery.

But most of all, I remember his love. I remember his gratitude and how he continued to thank us for being there for him as if he did not expect it.

For as long as I live I shall never forget those days, for those were the days everything changed..

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