Maybe…has the power to create possibilities, for its ambiguity poses dilemmas and enables us to do what we do best…think, for when we think we consider and forget what we’ve become accustomed to, rather we imagine ourselves differently. We broach out of our comfort zones and into new experiences, we are not confined to a simple yes or no for we understand we have an infinite number of instances in which we can choose different paths.


Maybe has the power to leave a door ajar…so that if we’re not quite ready to walk through it just yet we have the chance to come back to it, maybe is non constricting, it’s not definite nor  definable of who you are as a person, it’s simply reflective of who you chose to be at that particular moment. Maybe is neither black nor white, neither ying nor yang…it is whatever you want it to be for it allows you the opportunity to make up your mind at your own ease…


Maybe is about opening up your mind to the possibility of a different answer, a different story, one in which you allow yourself to learn something new, in which you allow yourself to grow both mentally and emotionally.


Maybe has the power to make the unreal real, it has the power to make you feel what you cannot see and to make you listen to what you may not want to hear.


Maybe… you shall read this and think but she still has not answered my question…but perhaps I have, maybe you just didn’t understand my answer for maybe is an answer not many wish to hear but it is the answer I am giving you because it is indicative of who I am as a person 🙂

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