I don’t know…

Sometimes it feels like we’re miles apart walking in opposite directions..

Other times it’s as if I know you better than you know yourself but even when you’re right beside me it’s like you’re not even there..

I catch you looking off into the distance but you won’t speak, you won’t say what it is that has caused the crinkle above your brow that I love so much and all I can do is hug you tightly and stroke the side of your face and tell you it’s going to be okay..

But the truth is, I don’t what it’s going to be…I don’t where you want to go or whether you want some company along your journey..I don’t know if I’ll wake up one day and reach my arm over only to discover the side of our bed where you normally empty..I don’t know whether I’ll realise its been empty all along…

Sometimes I dream I’m standing on the edge of a cliff and there’s a space that I must jump over to reach the other side…But I always wake just as I jump so I never know whether I make it or not…

Sometimes on a lazy Sunday afternoon whilst I’m sat in my oversized jumper on my bed I imagine I feel the warmth of your body, I imagine our legs intertwined and I imagine resting my head on your chest and looking up into those eyes…yes those eyes.

We’re trying to find something…but I don’t if its each other.

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