Hipsterville…for Charles

What if life gets in the way of living? What if we no longer do things for the right reasons?Do I take a picture of a cocktail because it’ll make me the beverage any more or less satisfying?Will the memory of the cocktail when I look at the picture remind me of how I felt when I drank it?Will it remind me of that night?Perhaps. It may even fill me with a sense of elation as I recall the events fondly. However,why do I post the picture of a social media platform?Validation?Approval?of what?my enjoyment of the cocktail?my social life? It makes no sense..

Back when I used to attend night clubs it always baffled me when I would see a group of girls posing for photos. On a few occasions I engaged in this social custom purely because it was the desire of my peers to do so, I did not enjoy the ritual though,in fact I almost despised it as it made me incredibly uncomfortable. Not because I dislike being in photos but because I hated participating in the pretence that we were having such a good time at the social event that we decided to take time out to take 50 photos in the exact same pose. I am all for documenting the events of a good night out,however I hardly think nightclub bathroom pics qualify.

I apologise if you disagree and my words cause offence, this is simply my opinion, take it how u will or in fact, feel free not to take it as we are all beings of free will after all.

Then there was instagram…

Instagram allows us to add effects to the photos we take in a way emulating that we could in fact be photographers. I don’t suppose anyone truly believes this and to suggest a thing to an actual photographer may cause offence, however I myself can not deny that the app has encouraged me to take more photos of inanimate objects simply so that I may see how ‘nice’ the picture will look once the effects are added. You then post the picture for all your friends (followers) to see. Again,why? I must presume once again for some form of acknowledgement even of your contribution to the artistic/creative world.

Earlier this evening I read a passage in a book that I deeply agreed with but it has now provoked me to further question it.

“I write because I have something to say. What matters to me is not fame but appreciation, that what I write reaches a number of people, no matter how few, and changes their thoughts and feelings”

What if we post pictures not for approval but for appreciation?Hmm I’m not quite sure I agree..’here’s a picture of my cat striking an amusing pose,please appreciate it’ or is it more so that I hope u appreciate the humour and it brings you humour also. Perhaps a part of us wishes this, perhaps the whole of us does. Perhaps that it is the main purpose. But as I once heard in a Friends episode, there is no such thing as an unselfish act because even wishing for appreciation in itself is asking for a form of gratification.

I now have 2 options… the first would be to post this on my blog and in doing so I would subsequently be asking you to read, appreciate and to some degree validate my writing. The second would be not to post this, to leave it as it is on my ‘notes’ on my iphone and to read it from time to time to remind myself that I don’t have to post every thought/picture that comes into my head and I should consider its true value…
There is a third option.. I could argue that as I have always been known to be an inquisitive child and one that relishes a philosophical debate, it may not be that I wish to post my thoughts for approval but rather to ignite a battle of the minds if u will in which I am challenged to consider a different perspective…after all this post was in fact inspired by my good friend challenging my choice of a photo that I posted and whilst his comment initially hurt my pride, it was a much needed reality check and so thank you..

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