What is fashion?

Does anyone else feel like shops all seem to have the same items of clothing now? I find myself walking into shops and walking straight back out because it just all seems to predictable..oh look another top with a cross design on it, or a collared shirt or hey let’s bring the peace sign back and put it on EVERYTHING. Is it me or is everyone now dressing alike. In fact, the ‘trendy’ bohemian/hipster look, is no longer even trendy as it’s been reproduced so many times it’s lost its authenticity and originality.

I’ll be the first to admit that my own personal style has changed and fashion itself is constantly evolving but what I find amusing is that you’ll find those who will think they look incredibly ‘unique’ and yet they’ll be wearing exactly what everyone else is wearing! It’s all about looking cool right? Looking in trend? Wrong, it’s about wearing whatever the fuck you want to and not giving a damn what others think, don’t wear something for validation. It’s preposterous. You want validation of your own personal identity, well no that’s contradictory because then it’s not really your identity, it’s what you feel society thinks your identity should be. And don’t get me started on tops with ‘messages’ on them. Please read my t-shirt that says “I don’t care” oh no wait, don’t read it because I don’t care..or do I? LOL. Or the shirts with pictures of random females on them or even female celebs who society deems to be pretty. You know what I want, a shirt with a disturbing image on it, actually no I don’t because again that would be asking people to look at it. What I do want, is a top with a picture of MY face on it, same seductive pose you see on all the t-shirts, finger coyly on the side of my lips or whatever but I want it to be MY face, hell why not!? Sorry, I probably sound like a patronising twat and I understand everything comes with age. Hell when I was 18,19,20,21…ok I’ll stop now but yes I went through the phase of dressing like an attention seeking prat, didn’t a lot of females? What I’m trying to say is you don’t have to, dare to be different!

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