Express yourself…

I hate that we live in a world of rules, a world of judgement but mostly a world of ignorance. We fear what we do not understand rather than attempting to in fact, understand it. I am writing this because this morning I read a beautiful piece of writing, inspired by man’s own personal turmoil in understanding who he is. As humans, this perhaps is our greatest challenge. To truly understand who or what you are. But you should not fear it, the journey itself may seem daunting but it is also filled with beauty and exciting opportunities.

I once read that we see ourselves in others but that this is not actually true. We see someone with a beautiful spirit and immediately feel that ours must be beautiful too for us to have been drawn to one another, but in actual fact it may be that the other person saw their own insecurities reflected in you and thus clung to you for reassurance. I don’t know how true this theory is as I myself am simply drawn to other open-minded individuals but whatever the reason, shouldn’t we appreciate that we simply have found someone who we feel totally and utterly comfortable around, someone who makes us happy and who we wish to make happy, someone who inspires us and who teaches us about ourselves.

Back to the piece of writing I mentioned earlier; it was a story of a man coming to terms with his sexual identity. I do not know why I have never met a man who has described his ‘coming out’ as anything other than difficult. Whilst it must be liberating, it also always seems to be shrouded with fear and uncertainty. So my question is this, why is it hard? Why do we not live in a society where we are embraced for self-discovery? Why is there a constant fear of acceptance? Why isn’t love celebrated, no matter who it’s between? That may sound rather soppy and despite not being particularly romantic, I still don’t understand why society has to be like this. I don’t think it does, I think it’s simply that many generations ago, the ‘norm’ was established and unfortunately we have not been able to change it. I’m not saying we should all be homosexuals and lesbians, to be honest, I dislike the labels themselves as I don’t think a person’s sexuality should even be characterised as anything other than love, what I’m saying is that no one should have to feel fear for simply being themselves. 

3 replies on “Express yourself…”

I truly agree with everything you’ve said, beautifully written and heart felt, I have yet to read the letter your talking about other than the bile on my twitter tl, time for a clean up obviously. If people can hate a judge a little less they will find their lives will be happier, the burden of hate is so heavy and such hard work, leave it behind you. Very much enjoying your blog, keep up the good work.

I start off the post by saying ‘I hate’ and yet I actually rarely ever use the term hate because I feel the term itself is far too negative and that’s not the sort of person I am but nothing in this world upsets me more than ignorance and abuse. I don’t know what sort of delusional authority people think they have to justify judging someone. Anywhooz glad you’re enjoying the blog, I’m such a spaz I only just realised how to follow you on here lol. Here’s the link for the letter I was referring to, hope you find it as beautiful as I did

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