Why? Why not!

It has occurred to me that perhaps even as little as I care at the moment, it’s still too much… why can’t you just randomly start dancing on public transport or do air guitar impressions in shopping centres or try on loads of silly outfits in shops or say hello to random folk or even pay compliments to’s the thing..u can! Sure people will think you’re weird, but when did that become such a bad thing! I dunno, maybe because I just don’t see the point in being miserable..I just think why not live life to the fullest! Especially since recent events in my life have made me realise you kind of have to, I probably only get one go at this thing called life, so why not do it all! be eccentric, be adventurous, be a nudist, be funny, be spontaneous, be whatever the hell you wanna be and don’t give a crap what anyone else thinks! Anywhoo just thought I’d share this little thought of mine with you all…so umm yeah be merry and have an awesome day!

One reply on “Why? Why not!”

This post has made me smile, fully agree, find the thing that makes u smile and go with it, lifes for living, caring what some random stranger thinks boooooo! To that. Currently on the bus bopping my head smiling stupidly at random strangers spreading the love, to everyone else u choose to be boring, your job is just to let people live, gosh!

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