If if ain’t broke, don’t fix it

Ever hear of leaving well and good enough alone..that’s the saying right? So it has come to my attention that Annie is being remade..*sigh*…wasn’t it bad enough that we had to endure the remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory..don’t get me wrong I love Tim Burton, he’s a brilliant director and Johnny Depp is one of the very very few actors who clearly doesn’t take himself too seriously but the classics should never be tampered with. You simply can’t beat Gene Wilder as Mr. least in my opinion anyway. And what on earth were those supposed umpa lumpas in the new, no, was all wrong! the umpa lumpas are there to teach us lessons through their cautionary songs full of comical value. on to is supposedly being remade starring Willow Smith..ahh but it simply won’t be the same. I recall Annie fondly as the cheeky ginger-haired rascal with freckles and fists of fury. And there’s the hilarious and constantly inebriated Miss Hannigan..her portrayal of the bitter and constanly somewhat aroused orphan home ownder is just classic! Not forgetting of course Daddy Warbucks..his interactions with Annie epitomised what it means to be ‘daddy’s little girl’. Being a musical, the songs in this feature hold a vast amount of importance, rightly so as brilliant songs they are! I hold ‘Tomorrow’ very close to my heart after having to perform it in a school performance and really giving it my all (basically belting it out at the top of my lungs) haha..ahh but supposedly it is Jay-Z who shall be writing the music for this remake *sigh*…are you kidding me?! Annie is set in the what..1920s? 1930s?I can’t really see rap being very well known back then hmm..ahh alas as everything in life I shall try to approach watching this remake with an open mind…

*Note: All *sighs* above are sighs of exasperation (in case that wasn’t inferred from the context)

Until next time folks 🙂

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