Question yourself for are u not merely a reflection of what society wants u to be..‏

so the other day at work a few of my colleagues and I were discussing whether we thought animals had the capacity to experience independent thought..thoughts not linked to their survival; and that got me of late i’ve noticed that perhaps society is losing this fact..consider society has developed..have we ever had the ability at all..why do we ‘do’ anything..are we all not all on some subconscious level being told to what to do..are we not taught what is and isn’t acceptable in society, what we should and shouldn’t do for our own survival/happiness i.e. get an education,get a job,find a mate,buy a home,start a family..subsequently I also feel we’ve lost this ability in terms of character development..we are constantly bombarded with advertising and media images of what our likes/dislikes should be..I call these fads and I call the people that succumb to them ignorant twits…and yet I feel like I’m one of a very few individuals who realises this..this is not me trying to state that I’m different or unique it is simply the frustrated writings of someone who at times is anguished by the fact that I feel like life has become rather predictable..actually sorry scrap that..not life but society..don’t get me wrong I’m not a miserable sod..I still have many enjoyable experiences with individuals who either share my opinion and/or are just a laugh to be around..but here’s the thing..if we’re all being told to do the same things i.e dress the same and listen to the same kinds of music and like the same things..well then some people may feel the need to prove their individuality and life pretty much just becomes a shouting contest doesn’t it..”look at me look at me I’m quirky and different and outrageous” and just like everybody else trying to get a word in *sigh* and so I ask..what has happened to independent thought?are there still those out there capable of doing something without the desire to be noticed for it? Similarly..consider this..perhaps we are being conditioned to be alike because we are merely an extension of the capitalist structure of society..not so much individuals but packaged commodities..but that’s a whole other ball game we’ll discuss sometime

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