What is deemed beautiful by the media…(my somewhat controversial thoughts)

grrrrr I cannot express how infuriating I find ignorance to be…once again people, it is not an issue unless you make it an issue…I have encountered this debate time and time again and have heard the same nonsence being regurgitated…I honestly sometimes think I must have a warped view of society or of reality in order to not be affected by such trivial matters….*sigh* if you are happy in your own skin,screw what everyone else thinks! including the media…and yes while the media does have a big impact on our lives it does not define who we are, only u have that power…honestly it’s like pulling teeth with you lot!

 Here’s the deal, if you believe no one will love u or find u attractive based on how u look 1. You may be somewhat superficial as hopefully your suitor should be basing their attraction on more than that (fair enough we’re all a bit superficial though) and 2. You’re not likely to be very secure in yourself and insecurity is not attractive to anyone…

You can only hope that you meet someone who challenges society’s perceptions of what beauty is and looks beyond the superficial…

ahh I dunno what else to tell you really, at this age I shouldn’t be having to tell you this. You should have the ability to think outside the box and realise you control your own actions and have the ability to make your own decisions…so u know what, if u wanna be a size 0 ,be a size 0, if u wanna have a nose job, have a nose job, if u wanna bleach your skin, bleach your skin but don’t u dare blame society or the media for it, u made that decision just as u made the decision to feel how u feel about your looks…I know I’m coming across all preachy and I’m sure people genuinely do feel incredibly insecure and depressed about their appearance at time, all I can advise is that u surround yourself with loving, supportive people who will find you beautiful (both inside and out) regardless of what u look like…but please, please for the love of god stop moaning about it…you are only adding fuel to the fire you (the collective you as in society) have created….and making it acceptable for people to have a bloomin chip on their shoulder about the most inconsequential matters!

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