I’ve grown rather wearisome of society

It’s all become rather stagnant hasn’t it….I grew bored of listening to my iTunes so I went back to the radio, but not Choice FM, I started listening to Radio 1…and yes for a while I got my buzz, my fix of trying something new, something different…you see I tend to get bored easily, it just seems all so repetitive…the same topics over and over and over…the same jokes, the same stereotypes, the same characters in fact, the girl that craves attention, the person that tries so hard to be unique by challenging other people’s perceptions of themselves but once u strip away all those extra ‘accessories’ that suggest they might in fact be different or at least interesting, you realise they don’t actually have much of relevance to say…I’m babbling, as usual and I’ve recently started doing video blogs in which I found a new platform to talk endlessly (or until my 7 minutes are up) but I think I express myself better in writing, yes it’s still ramblings with little punctuation and a lack of continuity or consistency but god did I sound like a twat on video…still I shall continue with them…anyways back to the ‘sameness’ I was complaining about, it’s ironic really, one of my biggest pet peeves are people that moan, until my brother pointed out that I was in fact moaning about moaners…ahh a paradox…they are interesting aren’t they…but yes as I was saying…more characters…the ‘cool’ dude with the expensive haircut and shabby clothes whose into a really interesting ‘sound’, he’s far too cool to call it music…the ‘intellectual’ who’s read up on philosophy or english literature or psychology or business or economics or trigonometry…and when I say read up, I mean read one book, the ‘conspiracy theorist’…who’s spent vast amounts of time ‘researching’ topics on wikipedia or youtube that they believe ‘the man’ is out to get them (do not, i repeat, not try to engage with the ‘intellectual’ or ‘conspiracy theorist’ in their chosen topic of interest, your efforts to have an intelligent conversation with this person shall be futile for they know everything about everything about everything…)…still these people are still far more interesting than the majority of the masses who are usually rather superficial and ignorant or if you’re really lucky, both…ahh yes I have seen them, all over social networking sites in fact…as well as in the real world of course…shall I name some…Kesha, Paris Hilton, the Kardashians, Justin Bieber…ahh I’m sure there’s loads more that I could recall at another time but it is rather late right now isn’t it…so I can just about tolerate all those…what I can’t stand are the self-important arseholes…’oh my god I am sooooo busy because I am AMMMAAAAAZZZZZIIIIING’ they give off this air of ambivalence to everyone and anything because they are far too special to have anything affect them, they are immune to it, they do everything BETTER than you, what’s sad is that at some point in our lives we ALL go through this stage, whether it’s when we’re 5 or when we’re 35, whether it lasts a minute, or a lifetime…we all experience it, that moment of arrogance because you’ve just had or done something remarkable that’s been acknowledged, when you’re younger it might something as simple as winning a race or fitting the most amount of gummy bears in your mouth out of all your friends…but the problem is that a lot of people grow out of it, most likely because they’re not surrounded by people who bring them back down to earth and slap the nonsense outta them…oooh how I’d like to slap Lindsay Lohan…or the whole Jersey Shore cast…actually that’s not fair, I’ve never watched a full episode…now with these people, they usually believe themselves to be incredibly successful, thus they feel there attitude is completely warranted and in fact justified, and in some cases, they are successful in their particular fields…they’re still massive douches though ahem ahem Tom Cruise…so…it may seem like this has been a bit of a rant, it may even seem like I have a sense of self-importance by criticising all these characters, not at all, I proudly admit my faults and am on a quest to continously educate myself…’for it is only when u admit u know nothing that u have the ability to truly understand everything’ or something along those lines, I read it in one of my fave books…i may sound like a whiny moron…but what I’m truly getting at is that I feel the world has become full of disingenuous people…I’m not saying ‘trust no one’…but what I will say is this, don’t expect too much from people…most of them don’t even realise they are acting like massive d*cks so if they offend u in any way, shape or form…do not let it get to u, ‘he knows not what he does’….is that it, I wouldn’t know, I’m not particularly religious…if that saying is in fact from a religious text…right I shall bid you all adieu now…I have the strange desire to read Catcher in the Rye haha in case any of you were thinking oh god another Caulden Haulfield…dunno what the fuss is about with that book though…a lot of people criticise it but it has its moments…terrible ending though, wonder if thats how people will explain life one day ‘it had its moments, terrible ending though’ or my life in fact…god I hope not, in fact think I’ll get on with making sure I have more than just ‘moments’…good night all 🙂

P.S I realise that I have neglected to use those things otherwise known as paragraphs in this blog post but my thoughts don’t really tend to have pauses hence my writing sometimes doesn’t either…apart from the odd ellipsis here and there, nevertheless I apologise..please enjoy reading my inane drivel…and feel free to let me know if you value my random thoughts…

One reply on “I’ve grown rather wearisome of society”

Brilliant Nancy! A million times better than video blogs. Never underestimate the power of the written word! You still ramble like f**k though ; )

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