Don’t try so hard

Am I the only person that finds it hard to take people who try too hard to prove a point, seriously? I’ll give u an example…Lauryn Hill, arguably one of the best female artists of all time…her lyrical content was unmatched in her hay-day, but perhaps she was/is underrated because of her somewhat controversial views on race,sometimes seemed like she was preaching too hard about the evils of ‘the White man’….shame though because she was amazing, another example…Lady Gaga,I remember hearing her sing acapella on the radio a few years ago and thinking she has a very very good voice, but it’s overshadowed these days by all her crazy antics and confused outfit choices, in the end these messages these artists are trying so hard to convey end up lacking credibility as they seem like outcries for attention and are usually deeply rooted to personal insecurities/issues…

hmm just my personal opinion and I only bring it up because I find it sad to see talent being wasted…perhaps that’s why I’m not much of a fan of Beyonce’s ‘Girls Run The World’…the whole ‘girl power’ message is being shoved in my face so much that I end up questioning it…and the ridiculous dance moves in the video don’t help much either :-/ oh and conspiracy theorists….particularly the Illuminati-ists….do u know anything about masonry? please go do some research before trying to engage with someone in an intellectual debate…if u try too hard to prove a point but can’t back it up with credible evidence how on earth am I supposed to carry the conversation on (that’ll usually be the point when I chuckle to myself whilst shaking my head and walking away)…anywhooz those are my thoughts, feel free to comment, disagree, offer more examples of people who try too hard etc 🙂

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