Charlie Sheen really is ‘Winning’

I would firstly like to apologise for my absence. I have not kept up-to-date with my blog but I shall be doing so from now on. I love to talk and express my opinions and I feel I should be sharing them, thus this week I shall be discussing the infamous Charlie Sheen interview which spread like wild fire over YouTube, Twitter and Facebook a couple of weeks ago.

The alleged ‘controversial’ interview featured popular TV star from hit show ‘Two and a Half Men’, Charlie Sheen, in which he candidly expressed his history with narcotics, prostitutes and general party lifestyle. This interview, which supposedly shocked and outraged many, led to the cancellation of the CBS series, at which Mr Sheen seemed rather unphased, but who can blame the guy? I honestly doubt the man cares, with drugs, without drugs, Sheen seems to be enjoying life, perhaps something we’ve all forgotten to do.

Now yes, his behaviour may be deemed irresponsible considering he’s a father and his lifestyle inappropriate for raising children, but surely what Charlie does in his own house behind closed doors is Charlie’s business? The interview seemed to show that Mr Sheen likes to push boundries and think outside the box, something I’m sure would be inconceivable to his fellow Hollywood peers, but therein lies the problem. Hollywood seems to be made up of a generic, plastic and dare I say, rather ignorant society in which if you do not conform to the exact specifications of what is deemed acceptable, then not only are you an outcast but you are abhorred and treated like a leper.

I never really particularly thought much of Charlie Sheen, I failed to see his charm and wasn’t in the slightest bit attracted to him, but following my viewing of his ‘scandalous’ interview, I now have new found admiration and respect for the guy. Think we should all try some of this ‘Charlie Sheen’ drug, in fact, I think I’ve been on it for years.

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