Current Society

Do you ever find yourself disillusioned? Frustrated perhaps? I’ve been sighing alot lately and shaking my head in disbelief and shame…I just don’t understand it, what the hell has happened to society? You know what I saw advertised on television last night…a show entitled ‘Teen Mums’ on MTV, this was during the advertisement break of my nightly watching of ‘Southpark’ (incredibly immature but hugely satirical programme which distracts from and also somewhat parodies our current state of society). Do we now live in a culture where we ‘reward’ teenagers for getting ‘knocked up’ by giving them their 15 minutes of fame and providing them with their own TV show? I mean one could argue that the show is ‘educational’, even ‘informative’ and perhaps is a means to discourage other youngsters from getting themselves into a similarly difficult predicament…but do you know what young teens watch it and think…”If I get pregnant, not only do I get the free council house and child support, I also now get the chance to be a celebrity”. Please do not misinterpret or misunderstand what I am trying to highlight here, this is not an attack on teenage mums, nor is it one on MTV who are yet to respond to my application to work with them (PFL-pause for laughs, its the new LOL, use it guys, i’m hoping it’ll catch on), this is merely an expression of my disdain for what is considered acceptable in our culture.

Now I could make this blog ridiculously long winded and explore the true meaning of ‘culture’ in order to further understand the relation and effect it has had on our society, but as I have to get going to the gym soon I shall leave that discussion for another day. What I will point out is that I have noticed several somewhat alarming changes taking place…whether it be the gibberish* that children (and unfortunately some adults) are using as an alternative to the english language or the younger and younger ages that children are CHOOSING to resort to crime or even the images or television programmes we see or watch on a daily basis that fall under the category of ‘entertainment’. I feel I should point out that I am not naive…for each of these outcomes, there are several possible explanations and external factors that one must take into account, what I don’t approve of is the fact that society is doing nothing to prevent these consequences, in fact it is not only turning a blind eye, it seems to be further facilitating the deterioation.

*Note: As I looked up gibberish in the thesaurus, I also came across the word ‘gobbledygook’…I feel as this word sounds ridiculous and simultaneously amusing, I shall attempt to use on a more frequent basis and I encourage you also to do the same

As a result of the current state of affairs within our culture (which I would like you all to comment on and provide me with some sort of explantion for so that I may sleep more soundly at night), I have ceased to take anything seriously. The world seems to be one big performance….and don’t even get me started on L.A., and rather than fight a losing battle in which I try to reason with those that are quite clearly insane, I have decided to ‘join them’. You see I am an aspiring media journalist who secretly plans to infiltrate the ‘industry’ from within….and blow them all to pieces I hear you ask? No….rather I shall begin to seek out ‘candidates’ (LOST reference)….those that are of similar mind and thus intelligence to myself shall be part of a plan to….
Sorry folks, been forced to watch too many James Bond films to know that no good comes of giving away all the details just yet and so I shall leave you with this….as Wonko the Sane (a fictional character) stated “I finally realized that the world had gone totally mad and built the Asylum to put it in”…I am on a similar quest…
Good day to you all.

2 replies on “Current Society”

Is your YouTube channel Douchesmustdie? And, why aren’t you posting more videos as well as writing more posts? You’re clearly profound, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who would love to read and listen more.

haha it is in fact…gosh I’m out of touch with this blog..more posts are most definitely on the way! I’ve been rather busy vlogging I must admit but fear not for the blogs are on their way back too.

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